28th March 2023, HRMates training for Navin Group of Hospitals

11th March 2023, Signup event with CEO Dr. Raja Dutta, Navin Group of Hospitals with HRMates

20th Feb 2023,Today’s training session for the staff of Shan Pharma Company, at Anuradhapura.

18th Feb 2023, Training session at New Pharmacy and Company field staff

9th Feb 2023, Training session for New Pharmacy & Company (NPC) Head Office Staff

3rd Feb 2023, Seetha Holdings Head Office staff training on HRMates Mobile App

2nd Feb 2023, Training & Corporate Session of HRMates in Bairaha, Colombo,  Sri Lanka

2nd Feb 2023, Product awareness session for Seetha Holdings Group Management Team

1st Dec 2022, HRMates Signup with AMSK Group