Demo Script


HRMates Presentation

Go thru upto slide of HRMates Prespective


Open workforce tab and breifly explain

  • Organization → Analytics → Workforce
    • Explain Demographics and Attritions
  • Organization → Organoram (Reporting)
  • Organization → Org Structure Chart

Open Leave and Attendance tab

Explain Attendance Page

  • Shifts & Day offs
    • Default Shift
    • Assigned Shift
    • Manual Roster
    • Automated Roster
    • Self Assigned
    • Adhoc changes by HR or Manager
    • Leave & Holidays
    • Weekoffs
  • Attendance Capture
    • Biometrics with plug and play integration
    • Mobile Checkin Checkout
    • Mobile Work Punch for field visits
    • Mobile Geo Fencing, Geo tagging, Face recognition
    • Approved Regularization, Short Leave, On Duty
  • Attendance Calculations
    • In time, Out time, Total in time
    • Lates and Early minutes
    • Lates to Slabs and Leave adjustment
    • Full Day, Half Day, Absent
    • Overtime with approvals
    • Compensatory off days

Explain Leave Page

  • Leave types and entitlements calculation as per policy
  • Clubbing and sandwich rules
  • Leave detail view
  • Team Leave
  • Manual Entitlement adjustment

Open Payroll tab

Explain Salary Administration

  • Show Salary Groupings by ny criteria like Location Cost Center etc
  • Show Salary Generation
    • Explain Missing Attendance setoff against leave balances or no pay days as per policy
    • Full and Final Buckets
  • Explain Paydays, Overtime input from Attendance
  • Open Sept 21, Gurgaon Salary
  • Explain fully customizable components and calculations
  • Explain PF, ESIC, TDS, Professional Tax etc calculation
  • Explain manual upload of components
  • Explain Approval process for Payroll
  • Reports for Salary Detailed, Bank Advice, Statutary Reports of deductions ready to be upload on relavant portals

Open Self Service → My Salary

  • Show Employee view
  • Download Salary Slip
  • Explain Salary document distribution like Form 16
  • Explain Salary Master Tab
  • Explain Advance, Security, Tax Declarations and Reimbursments Tabs

Open Workforce Tab

  • Explain Workforce → Employee Letters
  • Explain Exit Process
    • Voluntary Exits: Resignation Request and approvals
    • Involuntary Exits: Termination, Retirement, Bereavement etc
    • No Dues, Feedback and handover forms

Open Hiring Tab

  • Explain Overall process: Job Description Repository, Budgeting via Positions, Manpower Requests with approvals, Vacancy Creation with Evaluation process, Recruiter and approvals, Vacancy publish via links, Candidate Application Submissions and uploads, Short Listings, Execute Evaluation process, Candidate Selection, Document Collection, Offer Letter generation with approvals, Offer letter acceptance process, Candidate to employee conversion
  • Reports for Quality of Hire (Candidate rating vrs First Year Appraisal Rating), Time to Hire and more

Open Employee Assets Tab

  • Explain Asset Groups, Assets Templates, Custom Fields, Issue, Return, Retire
  • Reports for Assets

Open Operations Tab

  • Explain Help Desk Management and My Help Desk for ticket generation, ticket resolution, ticket on hold, escalations